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The certificate entitles the students to teach in the Junior and Middle school in any English medium School.

In the First Year the trainee covers an extensive course in the following subjects:-


  1. Educational Psychology and Guidance and Counseling
  2. Principles of education and school organization.
  3. English Language and Literature in English (Content)
    English Language and Literature in English (Methodology)
  4. Mathematics (content)
    Mathematics (methodology)
  5. Science (content)
    Science (methodology)
  6. History (content)
    History (methodology)
  7. Geography (Content)
    Geography (methodology)
  8. Modern Indian Language (content)
    Modern Indian Language (methodology)


  • Teaching
  • Records child study, reading, journals etc
  • Art and craft
  • Physical education
  • Socially Useful Productive Work, (S.U.P.W) and Community Service
  • Speech and Drama
  • Education in Moral and Spiritual Values (not evaluated)
  • Computer studie

At the end of the First year/(T.T.C. I), the student must appear for an External examination. If this is successfully cleared, the student proceeds to the Second Year. (T.T.C. II)

In the Second Year the following Subjects are taught :


  • Educational Psychology and Guidance and Counseling
  • Principles of Education and School Organization
  • English Language and Literature
    (Content and Methodology)
  • Mathematics (Content and Methodology)
  • Science (Content and Methodology)
  • History and civics (Content and Methodology)
  • Geography (Content and Methodology)
  • Modern Indian Language (Content and Methodology)


  • Skills of Teaching
  • Records - Child Study, Journals, Reading, etc
  • Art and craft
  • Physical education
  • Socially Useful Productive Work (S.U.P.W.)and Community Service
  • Speech and Drama
  • Education in Moral and Spiritual Values (not marked)
  • Computer studies
  • Music (optional) examined as an extra subject

Class Teaching Practical

A considerable amount of time is devoted to the actual practice in Skills and Techniques of Teaching. Each week the student gives a lesson in a Practice school, under regular classroom conditions. Her work is observed by her fellow students and assessed by a College Lecturer who guides her in preparing the lesson plan after which the student receives a feedback for improvement.

Handwork activities cover a wide range and are so fascinating that in themselves they constitute an asset to both the would-be teacher and the potential housewife. This activity is begun in the First Year and continues into the Second Year. It is amazing to see the transformation that takes place In less than two years, fingers that were ‘all thumbs' and could scarcely hold a needle, become deft and skillful. Training in music which is for those so inclined, is also part of the curriculum.

Throughout the two years training, much importance is given to the living out of ethical values. Weekly classes in Moral and Spiritual Values are conducted, together with schooling in Prayer and Reflection on Life issues. Self discipline and Personality development are closely followed to give a finish to “the product.”

The two years which seem so long at the time of admission, literally fly, and what a marvel it is to see the gauche, tongue-tied, nerve-riddled schoolgirl of yester-year, transformed into the poised and confident teacher of to-day.

And so St. Margaret's year after year, turns out its quota of teachers – teachers who carry the torch of learning to all corners not only of India but very often to far-flung places across the seas.

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